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Sep 30, 2019

2007 was a big year for us. Yes, the iPhone came out, but that wasn't the major change that really happened. The bigger change was how we market our businesses and the simple fact that we're doing it wrong now. 

This episode gives some insight into how I believe we need to be marketing ourselves, caring for those that...

Sep 25, 2019

Toothpaste wasn't always a thing. In fact, it took it thousands of years to be an overnight success. 

See if there’s a way you can tap into the habit cycle to help grow your connection with those you seek to serve.



Sep 25, 2019

A story of a purse has a lot to do with your business and who you seek to serve.

In this episode, I discuss how one thing leads to another and eventually multiple products are created out of a single category. 

This means you have loads of potential to bring your service or product to those you seek to serve if you’ll...